HALO Effluent

Is your current system giving you the S#*Ts? HALO Effluent System puts the control right in your hands.  Run your pump and stirrer remotely and get alerts if any fault occurs in real time – save time and money by making this core function on your farm a one-man job....
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HALO Water Monitoring Kits

Simple Logging Our base model easy to install solar device is able to monitor up to 5 flow meters and 2 different levels, send e-mail and text alerts direct to your phone, allows trend analysis via the web site and can automatically send your compliance report to the Regional Council...
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Variation 6

Water management under Variation 6; do you have concerns about how to implement the variation 6 water management plan for your farm now required by the Waikato Regional Council in its catchment areas. Dairy farm water take consents under Waikato Regional Council’s new “variation 6” to the Regional...
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Dumping Milk? Equipment Failure? Copping unnecessary grades? Can’t take a weekend off… without stressing the entire time about what simple, expensive, slip-up is going to happen this time? We understand the importance of quality assurance, and we’ve got the tools to raise the alarm well before a disaster occurs...
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